Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any restriction on the number of products added by the vendors?

No, there is no such restriction. The vendor can add an unlimited number of products using any of the 3 plans of the multivendor app.

Will the vendors be able to add more than one product at a time?

Yes, the vendor can easily add many products from the CSV upload button on the product page on the dashboard. But it depends on the configuration set by the merchant. The “add CSV product” button will only be visible to the vendor if the merchant has allowed it from the backend.

How can the vendor keep a track of the payment to be received from the merchant?

The vendor can view the details of the payment from the “payment receive” tab under the dashboard.

Can the merchant transfer vendors share from the order directly to the vendor account, through the app?

By default, all the order amount goes to the merchant account. If the merchant wishes to transfer the vendor share through the app, then it can be done through PayPal payment method. Both the merchant and the vendor must have a business PayPal account.

From Backend Dashboard > Manage Seller Payment, here all the payment details are available

Refunding and cancelling orders

Depending on your return policy, you might need to refund or cancel orders. By refunding orders in a prompt and professional way, you show your commitment to customer service and might encourage the customer to order again in the future.

You can refund an entire order or part of an order. In some circumstances, you can cancel an order and issue a refund.

A refund can only be sent to the original payment method. If a customer no longer has access to that payment method, then they need to contact the bank or agency for the original payment method to claim the funds after the refund is sent.

If you are using localfreshfoods.co.uk Payments and you issue a refund, then the amount is deducted from your next available payout.

If you’re using localfreshfoods.co.uk payments and your payout doesn’t have enough funds for a return, then there are different outcomes depending on where you are located. For stores located in:

United Kingdom, the remainder of the refund is deducted from the next payout until the refunded amount is covered.

United Kingdom, the balance is debited from your bank account on the day of the payout.

A refund takes up to 10 business days to be credited back to your customer.

If a negative balance payout fails, then the payout will try again in 3 business days. For more information about issuing refunds with localfreshfoods.co.uk Payments, see the localfreshfoods.co.uk Payments FAQ.


What Shipping Methods Are Available?

Online shoppers most often search for a shipping policy to determine how much it is going to cost them upfront, depending on where they live. A well-developed shipping policy informs customers of shipping costs and the different shipping options (eg. 2-day shipping, next-day delivery) available prior to ordering.

By displaying shipping costs and the different methods of shipping available, you protect yourself from any customer who may have a complaint about how much they were charged and also save yourself time rather than having each customer inquire through your support channel(s) when they can find it themselves.

Do You Ship Internationally?


How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

Many online shoppers are expecting fast delivery. With these high expectations, it’s worth setting expectations with your customers on realistic delivery times. Along with displaying your shipping options, you’ll want to consider including shipping cutoff times (especially holiday shipping deadlines and any UPU delays), shipping times, and how long it would take to ship


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Vendor payment gateways are most essential component for vendor commission payout. Vendors are allowed to withdrawal their commission via these payment options.

Vendor payment options –

Stripe Split Pay

Manual payment options –

Bank Transfer
Cash Pay

Is Buying On-Line Safe?

An SSL (secure sockets layer) is an encryption method that all online retailers who deal with credit or debit card details must have. An SSL encryption stops hackers from accessing your personal or financial information, ensuring your details are secure and safe.

Returns policy and refund

How do customers place an Order?

Orders are created when a customer completes the checkout process, and they are visible to users with Admin and Shop Manager roles only. Each order is given a unique Order ID.

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

As a vondor you should have a Cancellation or Change My Order Policy. Should customers change their mind about their purchase, please return the product with their proof of purchase, within 30 days, and as vendor we advise that you should happily offer a replacement or refund.

Do I need an account to place an order?


How Do I Track My Order?


Shipping tracking is one of the most important part of any e-commerce site. Using localfreshfoods.co.uk each Vendors can mark their every item for an order as shipped.

Customer can confirmed as they received the item.

Localfreshfoods Store Admin will have track of every steps.

Vendor can:

Mark each item as Shipped for an Order
Insert shipment tracking URl

Customer can:

View shipment status of their ordered each item
Have Tracking URL to check status in details
On receiving an item they can “Mark as Received” as well

Admin (localfreshfoods.co.uk) have:

Full details of shipment tracking on order details page
Upon completing shipment they can mark a order as completed
Commission disburse
Just to mention, this feature is only available for WCFM – Ultimate users.

How Can I Return a Product?

Please refer to Vendor Store Ploicy as noted above
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